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Global Sisters Doll - Cherry

$25.00 $38.00

Global Sisters Dolls are a collection of diverse dolls made to celebrate individuality. A lovable and dressable collection of sweet soft knit dolls from all over the world.

Cherry Doll is a black doll with short, black adorable curls, decorated with a sweet pink now. She is wearing a cherry-printed dress with matching pink vinyl boots.

Cherry Doll is the perfect choice for your little one. She is heirloom quality, yet soft and lovable, with details that will be appreciated throughout the years.

Product Details:
Height: 13"
Width: 11"
It comes in a delightfully illustrated booklet to "Write Your Story" with spots to list who the doll belongs to, their favorite color, where they are from, where their parents are from, how old they are, their best friend, favorite holiday, favorite food, favorite animal, and what they want to be when they grow up.