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Machi Town - London New Super Set


London's is calling, and it's BETTER THAN EVER!

This redesigned machi town London set now includes the iconic Tower Bridge and an extra car. Your little one can explore all of London's most famous landmarks, such as Big Ben, the London Eye, the British Museum, and of course, everyone's favorite double-decker bus.

Each piece is inset with magnets which allow the wooden blocks to be attached to the chalkboard base, where you can then use the chalk to draw anything you like.

Product Details:

Magnetic chalkboard bases x 2
Big Ben x 1
London Eye x1
British Museum x 1
Double-decker bus x 1
Taxi x 1
Tower bridge x 1
Car x 1
Chalk x 1
Material: Beechwood, MDF, metal
Size: 327 x 210 x 72 mm