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Sand Writing Tray - Montessori Learning Resource


Our Wooden Sand Writing Tray is the perfect learning resource to develop early handwriting and letter formation. There are so many opportunities for learning with our sand tray. It can be used for forming numbers or shapes and is excellent for practicing pre-writing lines. The slot at the top of the tray fits flashcards perfectly and can be used with our alphabet and number flashcards. The board has been made long enough that children can write simple words. They can use their finger or the writing stick to make marks in the sand, which can be easily wiped away. This encourages them to practice and not worry about making mistakes.

Product Details:
Play sand included
Wooden tracing stick included
Materials: Beechwood - sanded smooth to touch.
Size: 30cm long and 14cm wide. It
Sand tray and the play sand are both CE tested.