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Waytoplay Flexible Toy Road Set - Highway

$65.00 $93.00

Put children in the driver's seat! No Screens, no wires 100% unplugged fun. Waytoplay lets children explore the power of imagination lead the way. Waterproof, flexible and durable, waytoplay roads can be enjoyed indoors and out—the bath, the garden, from the playroom to the beach.

The waytoplay Highway is a larger beginner set with 24 roads segments that allow children to start taking their play to the next level! This set is great for children who have established fine motor skills and want to build bigger and more complex play designs.

Product Details:
Flexible, durable road toy, 148" in length
12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts.
Can be used inside or outside
Encourages imaginative play
Great to combine with other toys
Easy to clean with soap and water
Made from high grade, child safe rubber
BPA Free
Cadmium Free
PAH Free
Lead Free
Phthalates Free
Safe for those with silicon allergies